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Our experience in dealing with businesses of any size, with widely variable needs, means we can confidently advise you on any commercial issue that may present itself.

Whether your business is a startup or well established, we provide comprehensive legal and business advice to meet your needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help your company or business.

We provide commercial legal services in the following key areas:

Business Structure

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If you’re thinking of setting up or purchasing a business, call us today for expert advice.

When you are starting up or purchasing a business, you need to decide on the best business structure to run your business. This is important because your decision will have substantial financial and legal consequences both in the long and short term.

Choosing the best business structure is more complicated than simply deciding to incorporate a company. Preferably, you should become aware of your options, and then discuss the matter with both your financial adviser and lawyer.

Understanding the legal outcome of your proposed business structure is key to effectively planning your business. If you don’t understand the repercussions of the structure you have chosen, you could incur adverse tax implications, or you could sell yourself short and end up having to comply with onerous ASIC requirements.

We understand that your choice of business structure may be contingent on the industry in which you work, the size of the business you wish to establish, the number of employees you have and the growth you project.

We always take the time to become familiar with, and gain an understanding of, you and your business goals before advising you on the best business structure.

We Can Help You With…

  • sole trading companies;
  • partnerships;
  • limited liability companies;
  • public companies;
  • family trusts;
  • discretionary trusts;
  • unit trusts;
  • joint ventures;
  • business succession planning.

We Can Prepare…

  • company incorporation packages;
  • share registers;
  • constitutions;
  • trust deeds;
  • partnership agreements;
  • joint venture agreements; and
  • shareholder agreements.


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Contact our friendly team today to discuss your leasing options.

It’s important to seek legal advice from an experienced commercial property lawyer before committing to a lease. We at SJ Legals can provide you with expert advice to assist you to make the right decision and ensure your interests are adequately protected, regardless of whether you are the landlord or the tenant.

We Can Assist You With the Following…

  • drafting and reviewing commercial, residential and retail leases;
  • exercising options to renew your lease for a further term;
  • negotiation of lease terms (including rent, transfer, duration, exit and renewal options);
  • Subletting; and
  • Assignment of leases.

Business Sale

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Talk to us today and let our experts focus on your business sale to avoid any future damages to your business or profits.

Selling a business is a difficult, time consuming and expensive process, which is even more time consuming and stressful if you don’t have the right legal team to assist you throughout the process.

We can assist you before, during and after the sale of your business. From drafting the contract to advising you on documentation and conditions that should be included in the contract, we can guide you through every step of the process and make it simple and worry free.

Before signing a contract, it is important that both the seller and the buyer have clearly identified all the conditions, rights, responsibilities, and assets that are to be transferred.

Foreign Investments

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For more information on how we can assist you with your foreign investment, please contact us today.

We at JS Legals have an expert knowledge base of Australia’s legal and regulatory framework, and a wealth of experience in foreign investment throughout a range of industries.

Due to Australia’s fair legal and regulatory system, skilled workforce, economic stability, closeness to the Asia-Pacific markets and natural resources, Australia has a lot to offer foreign investors.

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